Emily Dickinson: Fascicle 16

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How to View and Understand the Poems

You can find the seventeen poems of Emily Dickinson's Fascicle 16 by using the side menu to the left and also by using the drop down menu on the menu above. Within these poems, you can do a few different things. You can turn the variations of the poem on and off at the same time by clicking on the buttons. The button will show as depressed, and the poems will load above and below each other. The images for the corresponding poem will stack on top of each other if multiple variants are turned on at once. The line numbers do not represent the exact line numnber of the poem because of the variations you will see continuously within each poem. They represent the total number of lines in all versions of the poems. You can also view the original XML markup of the poems and the original images of each original Dickinson poem and the published versions.