Emily Dickinson: Fascicle 6

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Analysis of Emily Dickinson's Fascicle 6

Our team's work on Fascicle 6 stemmed from the analysis of Fascicle 16. The difference with Fascicle 6 was that there were no variations within the poems that Emily Dickinson made herself. Our analysis was completely of the changes that the publishers made when reproducing Dickinson's original handwritten manuscripts. Our team used the same method to code the changes in the published versions as we used for Fascicle 16. To read more about our coding process, take a look at our Methodoloy page! Through transcribing and marking up the poems, our team again noticed the overwhelming tendency for the publishers to change the capitalization and punctuation, especially the dashes that Dickinson is famous for. We used an SVG graph to further analyze the percent of dashes that the publishers changed and to compare the accuracy of all the publications that we looked at.

As a new addition to our original analysis of the different versions/publications of Dickinson's poems in Fascicle 16, we decided to include a Network Analysis of how the different variants are shared among the versions of the poems.

You can get a more in-depth look at our findings for Fascicle 6 here.